Layout Settings.

In this section, you can get options to select Rating symbol Multiple Option, Average rating Grid layout Options, Product Detail Review Settings options, etc.  It will also give the option to change color, font size of review section each part, etc

-- Go to  Settings --> select Layout.

1. Rating symbol Multiple Option --> With help of this option you can select rating symbols as per your choice. 

2. Average Rating Grid Layout Option --> In this option, you can select a layout for the review widget section. Click on Save to save changes.

3. Product detail Review --> In this section you can select a layout of reviews, review image position, Show Customer name, Show Review image, Show Customer image, Show date, Show verified sign, Show social share, Show like or unlike, Review Auto publish, Review per page, Read more button, Product badge hover effects, Hide non-rating product's review, Lazy Load, Short by option, Auto publish condition, etc. Click on Save to save changes.

4. General Settings:- You will get options to change the font, color, font size, etc. as below given.

5. Load More:- When there is more number of reviews are present on the product page, then you can show next page reviews though either pagination or load more.

6. Redirect to Thank You Page:- Enable this option to redirect your customer to Thank You page when they submit a review. You just need to enable it and add the page link.

Preview:- When you make changes in the layout setting, you will be able to check the preview on the right side of the page, and how it will look on the frontend side.

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