Pop-up Widget Settings.

Go to Admin Panel --> Apps --> Rivyo Product Review.

After going into the application, Go to the  Settings --> Popup Widget.

1. Rating-Widget

 - Enable this option to display the Rating widget on your entire Shopify store.

 - You can customize titles, Button text & widget alignment. ( you can display this widget on left-bottom else right-bottom alignment )

2. Review Slider Widget

- Enable this option if you want to display many reviews through a slider.

- This kind of PopUp will display when Rating Widget option is enable.

#-This kind of PopUp will display when the Review Slider Widget option is enabled.

3. PopUp Widget

- When users click on the VIEW ALL button & this option is enabled then Review PopUp will appear on Screen.

- you can completely customize this review popup as per your requirements.

- add titles, select layout & all essential settings.

  This kind of PopUp will display when the PopUp Widget option is enabled.