Pop-up Widget Settings.

Go to  Admin Panel --> Apps --> Rivyo Product Review.

After going into the application, Go to the Display Settings --> Popup Widget.

1. Rating-Widget

 - Enable this option to display the Rating widget on your entire Shopify store.

 - You can customize titles, Button text & widget alignment. ( you can display this widget on the left-bottom else right-bottom alignment )

2. Review Slider Widget

- Enable this option if you want to display many reviews through a slider.

- This kind of PopUp will display when Rating Widget option is enable.

#-This kind of PopUp will display when the Review Slider Widget option is enabled.

3. PopUp Widget

- When users click on the VIEW ALL button & this option is enabled then Review PopUp will appear on Screen.

-  You can completely customize this review popup as per your requirements.

-  Add titles, select layout & all essential settings.

You will be able to check the preview on the right side, it will show the preview for how it looks on the frontend side.

  This kind of PopUp will display when the PopUp Widget option is enabled.

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