How to Add, Approve/Disapprove/Delete, Reply the Questions/Answers?

o to  Rivyo Product Review App --> Questions & Answers

1) Add Questions

To add questions you just need to click on  Add Questions.

After that, you will see the below form to fill the details and click on  Save after filling all the details.

2) To Filter the Question/Answers

You can apply Filter in 3 methods  All/Approved/Disapproved. you will see the below image. by default show All Question/Answers.

If you want to only Approved Question/Answers then click on  Approved. same as If you want to only Disapproved Question/Answers then click on Disapproved

3) To Delete the Single Question/Answers

when you click on delete icon, you need to select which one you want to delete.

4) To Delete the Multiple Question/Answers

If you want to delete multiple Question/Answers you need to select which one you want to delete.

5) To Reply a Questions

First, Click on (+) sign and write the answer. Check the approve box and click on Save.

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