How to copy reviews from one product to another product?

Please follow the below instructions:

1. Export reviews from your store first. You will get a CSV file downloaded.

2. Delete all the reviews except the reviews you want to copy from the CSV.

    - for example. You have products A, B, C, D, E, F. And you want to copy all reviews of product A to product B. Then from that exported file, you need to keep only reviews of product A and delete the rest of the product reviews.

3. Change the product handle in that CSV file of the product in which you want to copy reviews.

  - Now only product A reviews will remain in CSV. So change that all review's product handles to product B. 

    Please click here to see How to get a product handle.

4. Import that CSV file.

   - Import that CSV file and you will see all reviews of product A will get copied to product B.

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