Type of Bundles

There are 8 types of bundles you can create.

  1. Product Bundle
  2. Variant Bundle
  3. Quantity Bundle
  4. Custom Bundle (Quick Order)
  5. Frequently Buy Together Bundle
  6. Single SKU Build Box (Single section & Multiple Section)
  7. Multiple SKU Build Box
  8. Combo Bundle

Let's have a look at all bundles here.

1. Product bundle: Create a bundle with different products. (Customers will get the option to select the variant they want in the bundle) 

2. Variant bundle: Create a bundle with multiple variants of the same product.  (You have to pre-select the variant here and customers will only buy that variant from the bundle) 

3. Quantity bundle: Create a bundle with a single product & it's multiple quantities.  (Create a bundle with one product and set the quantities and discounts. Like "Buy 2 and get 10% off", "Buy 3 and get 20% off") 

4. Custom Bundle: Create a bundle with your chosen products where customers can select/change the quantities of the products in the bundle.

5. Frequently Buy Together: Customers can buy matching products together.

6. Single Section Build Box :- Customers can build their own box from the list of products.

7. Multiple Section Build Box :- Customers can build their own box from the list of products of multiple sections.

8. Combo Bundle:- You can create a bundle of existing products by adding more than 2 products and show the bundle as a product.

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