Manual Installation Guide

Go to the Installation (Bottom Left corner) and select the theme and click on the "Install" option.

Click on the Manual Installation.

In manual Installation, There are 3 steps:

Step 1 : Add snippet code in the theme.liquid file

{% render 'th-bundle-product' %}

You need to add the below code to your  theme.liquid file before </body> and save it.

Step 2: Paste the code to the display bundle on the product page.

Paste this code to display the  Product bundle on the product page.

<div id="th_product_bundle" data-id="{{ }}"></div>

Paste this code to display the  Quantity bundle on the product page.

<div id="th_pb_qty_bundle" class="th_pb_qty_bundle_cls" data-pid="{{ }}"></div><br>

Paste this code to display the FBT bundle on the product page.

<div class="th_pb_fbt_section" data-thpid="{{ }}"></div><br>

Step 3: Paste the code to the apply bundle discount on the cart page.

Step a: Find the code {% for item in cart.items %} and paste this class and attribute given below to the first line of the cart item loop.

class: "th_pb_cart_line" 

Attribute: data-idth="{{ }}" data-indexth="{{ forloop.index }}"

Step b: Find "{% for p in %}".

Paste the code above "{% for p in %}"

paste the code below "{% for p in %}"

{%- if p.first contains 'th_bundle_' -%}{%- continue -%}{%- endif -%}<br>

Step c: Fine this line item.price and paste this code to display variant price.


Step d: Fine the line item.line_price and paste the code to display quantity-based price.


Step e: Find this line cart.total_price and paste the code to display cart total price.


Step f: Find the product remove button and paste this code to remove all products related to the bundle.


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