General Settings

 Go to  Apps --> Bundle Products || Upsell  --> Settings --> General Settings.

- There are so many options in General Settings:

  1. General Settings
  2. Discount Method
  3. Variant Picker
  4. Automatic Show Bundle
  5. Rivyo product Review Integration
  6. Direct Checkout
  7. Load More All Bundles Page
  8. Product Page with more bundles
  9. Display bundles in thank you page

1. General Settings -->  In this option, you can change the color, font size of the button, title, name, (+) sign, product box bundle, etc.

You can change the color and font size, offer tag color, and discount bar of the new layout of Quantity Bundle.

  • Combo bundle class:- The class which you will add here, on the place of that class, bundle will display.
  • Combo Product Price Class & Combo Product Compare Price Class:- For changing the original product's price with variants price, you need to add the class of sale & compare price.

For enabling any of the options you need to checkmark the box and click on the save button.

2. Discount Method --> if you are using Google Analytics or Facebook pixel for tracking then use the Discount Code method so they can track the checkout page.

Note: Discount code method supports multi-currency.

3. Variant Picker:- You can choose the layout of showing variants.

4. Automatic Show Bundle --> After enabling this option you don't need to put code on the product page to display bundles. 

Note:- This option is only for product and fbt types of bundles. (If you want to show bundles on another place then disable automatic show bundle and put shortcode on product page.)

5. Direct Checkout-->> This option allows your customers to directly go to checkout and not to the cart page.

Note: This option is only applicable for product and variant type bundles

6. Load More All Bundles Page

8. Product Page with more bundles  --> Product detail page is ready with more bundle options. Customers will get more options to buy a product they love with different combinations.

9. Display bundles in thank you page:- You can enable this feature to show bundle on thank you page.

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