How to access Dashboard?

The Dashboard gives you a wide option to cover your ongoing activities by providing various options as mentioned below -

i. Total subscribers - In this option, you can see all your subscribers.

ii. Total impressions- It shows how many impressions happened when you have sent any notification.

iii. Total clicks -  It shows the no. of clicks which is clicked by the subscribers, at the time when you have sent any notification.

iv. Total campaigns  - This option will show how many campaigns you have created.

v.Total revenue - How much revenue you are making by selling your products.

Apart from these features, It has also few features as mentioned below - 

vi.Subscribe By Browsers -This option will give you an analytical view that expresses, from which browser the subscriber is allowing notification. By clicking on reports you can see analytical reports in detail.

vii. Subscribe By Devices - This option allows you to check from which devices the subscriber is active, as you can see below the all the subscribers allowed notifications from the desktop if you want to check in detail just click on the view report.

viii. Current Plan - It shows your current pricing plan, the number of subscribers, and how much you have gained subscribers.

Even if you want to change plans there is an option just click on change plan,  which apparently takes you to the option where you can upgrade your existing plan according to your need.

ix. Maps - It shows you country-wise subscribers like in this graph the Subscriber are from different countries and they became a little darker if compared to the other countries.

x.Day-wise subscribers - It will show how many subscribers you have gained on a daily basis just put your crusher on the particular date and it will show you no. of Subscriber.

Step1 - If you want to see normally date wise. 

Step 2:-Even you can use the day's filter to find out specific details about subscribers.