What is a welcome notification? And how to create it?

By welcome, you already got the point, so it’s a process of greeting your first-time subscribers and making them your regular and loyal customers by sending them a welcome notification. The only condition is only that if they allow two permission -

i. Pushippo Opt-in          ii. Browser

Let’s discuss both points in detail -

i. Pushippo Opt-in

Whenever the first-time visitor lands on the website they will see this opt-in notification according to their browsers as shown in the below picture and they have to click on allow.

ii. Browser 

After giving permission to opt-in Notification by Pushippo, they will see another option which will ask their permission to allow notification for your website if the visitor clicks on allow to become a regular subscriber.

After giving access to these two options, subscribers can see the welcome notification as shown below in the picture.

How to Setup welcome notification  -

Follow the below steps-

 i. Title -Enter the title example - Welcome on board, Thanks for subscribing, etc.

ii. Message - Write something catchy in such a way that your customer gets attracted.

iii. URL -Enter your landing page URL so whenever a subscriber clicks on that it lands on your desired page.

iv. Active - Click on the active button so that the welcome notification gets activated.

v. Save -After activating click on the save button your welcome notification is ready. 

After saving the details of the welcome notification, it will look like this to your subscriber as shown in the below image.