What is a Price Drop Notification?

Whenever you drop the price of your product and the customer allows price drop notification in that case an automatic triggered notification to that customer who allows this notification for that particular product.

By the following steps, The subscriber can get the “Price Drop” Notification 

Step 1 - Click on bell Icon 

Step 2 - After clicking on the bell icon a small flash message occurs and subscribers are then eligible to get a “Price drop” notification.

i) Notification - Notification stands here as the product price goes down or drops and the subscriber who clicks on the price drop alert in this option makes a customized message.

ii) Widget - In this option, you can set messages for “alert me” and after that “Back in stock”  messages.

iii) Report - In this section, you will get the details like -

 a)Waitlist - In this option, you can see the list of subscribers who clicks your  “alert me” when the product will be  “back in stock”.

b)Sent list - Sent list entitled list for those subscribers whose product is  “back in stock” and the message was sent to them.

How To set up Price drop Notification?

Step 1 - To set notification - 

i) Title - Fill the title with product name Example Blue T-Shirt price dropped. 

ii) Message - write some interesting lines example -  “Black Jacket’s price dropped to know more click here". 

iii) Active - Click on the active button, it will activate the notification.

Iv) Save - After clicking on the save button your app  Back in the notification is ready.

Step 2 - To set up widget -

i) Message before subscribing - In this option you can customize message the product price drop”.  you write a catchy message for that so that your subscriber clicks on the “Alert me” or “Get alert “ button after clicking that they will become a subscriber.

ii) Message after subscribing - As mentioned above after they become a subscriber send a customised “thank you” message confirming there subscription.

iii) Subscribe button name - Customise your button name according  to your convenience example Get alert,Alert me etc. Check it on preview .

Step 3 - When you finished with notification and widget after that  check the reports which will give you the exact details  - 

i) Impression - It will show you when you have sent a Back In the Stock notification that how many impressions it created.

ii) Click - It will give you the number of clicks done by the Subscriber.

iii) Revenue - In this, you can check how much revenue you have made by back-in-stock notification. 

iv) Waitlist - In this option, you can check the waiting list of “alert me” or “get alert’ notifications.

v) Sent List - In this option, you can check the “Back In Stock” sent notification link.

Step 4. After setting all the steps the subscriber can see the notification as shown below image