Manage Admin Emails

Store owners can notify by email regarding their subscriber's payment failure. Also, notify regarding subscription status that is Canceled, Paused, Expired, Resume & Skipped by their subscriber.

We currently provide you the option to notify store owners regarding their subscriber's activity.

  1. New Subscription: Admin will receive this email when a new customer will purchase a subscription.
  2. Next Billing Date Updated: Admin will receive this email when the next billing date is changed for recurring orders.
  3. Payment Failed: Admin will receive this email when your customer's payment/transaction is failed.
  4. Shipping Address Update: Admin will receive this email when the shipping address is changed.
  5. Subscription Product Added/Removed: Admin will receive this email when a new product is added/removed/replaced.
  6. Subscription Cancelled/Expired/Paused/Resume/Skipped: Admin will receive this email when the subscription is Cancelled/Expired/Paused/Resume/Skipped by your subscribers.

Admin can manage their email notification status. Admin has complete control, they can enable/disable status for email notifications.

Fully customizable:- You can manage and create your email template to best suit your store easily by adding a subject, subject label, title, message & image, etc...

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