Manage User Emails

Native App is provided to create mail templates easily without having knowledge of designing. You can also use this opportunity to easily engage with your customers, and wow them with the unique experience and customizations of your store!

We currently provide you the option to trigger multiple emails to your subscriber.

  1. New Subscription: This email is sent when your customer purchase subscriptions for the first time.
  2. Next Billing Date Updated: This email is sent when the next billing date is changed for recurring orders.
  3. Payment Failed: This email is sent to the customer when there is a payment/transaction failure.
  4. Shipping Address Update: This email is sent to the customer when the shipping address is changed.
  5. Shipping Price Update: This email is sent to the customer when the shipping price is changed.
  6. Subscription Product Added/Removed/Replaced: This email is sent to the customer when a new product is added/removed/replaced.
  7. Subscription Cancelled/Expired/Paused/Resume/Skipped: This email is sent to customers when the subscription order is canceled/expire/paused/resumed/skip.
  8. Upcoming charge: This email is sent to customers before specific days of recurring orders regarding the upcoming changes of the next order.

Set your Email status- You can change the status of each email (enable/disable).  You will get an option to change the status for each different email.

Fully Customizable - You can manage and create your email template easily by adding email title, subject, message, image, button, button color & footer text, etc.

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