Subscriptions Management through admin

Go to the App >> Subscription

Admin can see all subscribers order list with filtration of Active subscriber, Paused, Expired, cancel or Failed subscriber list and admin can configure the type of subscriber's order that is prepaid or Regular.

Once you open any order then you will redirect to the order detail page. Where you can see:-

1) Products: Admin can see their subscriber's products on the order detail page.

Also, the admin can add products manually for their subscriber.

2) Schedule: Admin can check their subscriber's order shipping schedule & they can skip or reschedule from admin.

3) Billing Attempts: Admin can check the payment status of the order of their subscriber.

4) Payment method:-

5) Discount Managements: Admin can set Discount manually for the specific subscribers from the customer order page.

6) Billing Policy:-

7) Shipping Address: Admin can see and edit shipping information for their subscriber directly through the admin.

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