How to migrate existing subscriptions in to Native Subscriptions App

In this article, we will guide the process of connecting your Stripe account to Shopify to migrate your existing customer payment methods, so they can be used with Shopify's new subscription app.

Guidelines for migrating customer subscription payment methods

  • Your current customer payment methods need to be stored in a Stripe account.
  • You will need an export of your customer data from Stripe.
  • You will need an export of your subscription data from your past platform.
  • Shopify Payments needs to be connected as your main gateway in Shopify.
  • Stripe needs to be connected as a secondary gateway in Shopify.

Import customer data into Shopify like names, email & addresses

First, use Shopify's native import feature, which can be found on the customer's page of your Shopify account. In this step, you will use the .csv import tool in Shopify to migrate basic data from your subscription customers to Shopify. This may include information such as their names, email addresses, and shipping addresses. Alternatively, Shopify offers a store importer app that can help with importing customer information.

Detailed guidance for this step can be found at the following link:

Connect Stripe to your Shopify account

You will need to make sure Shopify Payments is set up, as well as add your Stripe account to Shopify using the following link. Just make sure to replace "company-name" with your actual my Shopify subdomain.


Detailed guidance for connecting Stripe you Shopify can be found at the following link:

Export your customer data from Stripe

Once you will be done with imported your customer data and connected your Stripe account to Shopify, you will need to export your customer data from Stripe and send it to a Native subscription support team member to process the import file(.csv file). We need a .csv file that is export from Stripe, or another system, that includes your Cars IDs, customers' Stripe IDs, and Email addresses.

How to Export Subscription data from Bold subscription app?

If are you using the Bold Subscription app in your store then please follow this step to export customers' subscription data.

1) Open app dashboard> Open Subscription Tab> Click on Customers section > click on Export Button

After Click on the Export button, select Active Subscriber from Subscription Export Type then click on the Export button.

You will get a .csv file after finishing this process. You need to send this .csv file to our Support team. They will import to our Native app securely. If you are facing any issues migrating your subscriber data then directly contact our support team. They are always ready to help you anytime. 

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