How do I create a discount?

Offering a Discount for Reviews 

Rivyo team is more extremely happy to announce a Discount Offer for reviews. Rivyo allows you to give customers a discount for submitting reviews. 

In this article, we'll discuss the types of discount codes you can create for submitting reviews and how to set them up.

Generate Discount Coupon code: 

To generate a discount code to the " Coupon Code" section in the app dashboard. You can activate and deactivate your Discount coupon code features via selecting Active/Deactive Status.

 You can select coupon type for discounts like : 

Percentage: Merchant gives their customers a Percentage Discount for submitting reviews. 

Fixed Amount: Merchant gives their customers a Fixed Amount Discount for submitting reviews.

Merchants can offer two kinds of discount codes. Each a unique discount code that cannot be shared with anyone and can only be used once or a single code to all customers with rules you can set in Shopify.

Unique Code for Each Review

When Merchant chooses this option, Rivyo will create a new code for all customers that submits a review. 

When you enter the amount that you wish to offer, Rivyo will create a discount code on Shopify. You will be able to see all codes on your Shopify Discounts menu. Discount codes for reviews will appear as: Rivyo Product Reviews Discount: Rivyo-4894b3881a

Discount code expires after: Set an expiration date for the discount codes. This can be set by selecting the length of time the discount will be active in the drop-down menu.

Single Code for All Customers

Merchants can create a discount code in Shopify and apply it as the code given for reviews through the Rivyo Shopify app. Choosing this option allows you to create a discount code with specific rules. These include limiting the code to particular numbers or creating a minimum purchase amount for it. 

To create a discount in your Shopify store, please follow these steps: 

  • Go to your Shopify Discounts menu.
  • Then Click on "Create discount".
  • Create a discount which you want to apply
  • Then Click "Save discount"
  • Fill up the discount details in the Discount settings, under E-mail & Coupons -> Coupon Codes

ustomize Discount Reminder Emails

Rivyo gives full customizations for creating a discount reminder email template. Merchants can create eye-catching and professional discount email templates without touching code.

To create a Discount Reminder Email template please follow the steps: 

Go to the " Coupon Code Template" tab in the app E-mail & Coupons. After that, add email subjects and customize your template based on your store lookout.

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