How to create Frequently Bought?

- To create a Frequently Buy together Bundle, first you need to go to the Bundle section >> click on Create Bundle.

- After that, you need to select  Frequently Bought Together from the select bundle type.

- Add Bundle Name and Bundle widget title that you want to show on the front end of the product page. 

- To select the product, click on "Add product". Add the products which you want to sell together. 

- After selecting products, You can set a specific Start-date & End-Date if you want to create a bundle in advance. Also, you can add bundle short description from "Additional Setting"

- And click on save to "Save" the bundle.

Where can I see the Frequently Bought bundle?

Put a below shortcode on the product page where you want to display your bundle.

<div data-thpid="{{ }}"></div>

You can see the Frequently Bought bundle on the product page.

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