How to create Single SKU Build Box with Multiple Section?

  • To create  Build Box, first you need to go to the Bundle section >> click on Create Bundle.

  • After that, you need to select Build Box from the select bundle type.

  • First, Fill in the Box information Like Box name and Box widget title.

  • Select the Single SKU Bundle In Bundle Type and "Multiple Sections" in the bundle structure.

  • After selecting Multiple sections, click on "Add section" and fill up the section name.
  • To select the number of products that will be included in each section. You can set Min number and max number products with section limit reach the message. 
  • Once you will add the product from the "Add Product" button and save it, then you will get the option of "Add New Section". You can create a number of sections as much you want.

  • To select a bundle image click on the "Add Image" button.

  • You can set your pricing in two ways based on your requirements. (It determines either you want the bundle price to increase as more products are added OR set it as a fixed price.)
  • 1)  Use Fixed Price: You can set fix price for your bundle box. 
  • 2)  Use Base Price: You can set the base price of your bundle box. 
  • Also, you can set the "charge tax on the product" option for your box.
  • Select the product number that will be shown in a single row.

  • To set Discount on Box, Click on the checkbox of "Use Discount". And you can set anyone discount from  Flat Discount/ Tiered Discount.
  • Set " Flat Discount" Option - You can set any fixed discount for the Box.

  • Set "Tiered Discount" Option
  • 1)  Discount at price: You can set a box discount based on your price.
  • 2)  Discount at Quantity: You can set a discount on the quantity base.
  • Set "Discount after this quantity or price" for trigging your discount after that quantity and price. 
  • Add Box Discount price that you can add as a fixed or percent based.

  • To set your Shipping and weight Setting.
  • 1) Click on Use Weight and add your bundle weight. 
  • 2) Click on the "This product requires shipping" check box if you want to apply a shipping charge on that box.

  • Click on the Additional settings and fillup all information which you want to show on the frontend i.e. Button text, Add Grid label and etc.

Where can I see the build box?

Once you will build a box, you will get the link to that page from the admin dashboard. Please check the below screenshot for the same.

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