How to create Multiple SKU Build Box with Single Section?

  • (Note:- Multiple SKU build box will always go to the Checkout page directly.)
  • To create  Build Box, first you need to go to the Bundle section >> click on Create Bundle.

  • After that, you need to select Build Box from the select bundle type.

  • First, Fill in the Box information Like Box name and Box widget title.

  • Select the Bundle type "Multiple SKU Bundle". (This type can not be changed once the bundle is created.)
  • To select the number of products that will be included in each bundle. You can set Min number and max number of products with box limit reach the message. 
  • To select the products, Please click on the "Add Product" button.

  • Select the number of products that will be shown in a single row.

  • To set Discount on Box, Click on the checkbox of "Use Discount". And you can set anyone discount from Flat Discount/ Tiered Discount.
  • Set "Flat Discount" Option - You can set any fixed discount for the Box.

  • Set "Tiered Discount" Option
  • 1)  Discount at price: You can set a box discount based on your price.
  • 2)  Discount at Quantity: You can set a discount on the quantity base.
  • Set "Discount after this quantity or price" for trigging your discount after that quantity and price. 
  • Add Box Discount price that you can add as a fixed or percent based and save it.

  • Click on the Additional settings and fill up all information that you want to show on the frontend i.e. Button text, Add Grid label and etc.

Where can I see the build box?

Once you will build a box, you will get the link to that page from the admin dashboard. Please check the below screenshot for the same.

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