Group Products

The purpose of Group products is to show the same reviews on multiple products by grouping the products. (This feature is mostly used for showing the same reviews on variants products.)

All products included in the group will show the same reviews of all products combinely.

Ex. Suppose product A has 5 reviews, Product B has 10 reviews and Product C has 0 reviews so when you create a group of A, B and C then all 15 reviews combined show on each A, B, and C product.

1. Go to the App admin >> Reviews >> Group Product >> and click on the "New Group".

2. Add any Group Name which will show to you in the app backend.

Select the products by clicking on "Add Products" on which you want to show the same reviews and click on create group.

(Notes: You can add a maximum of 15 products in one group. You can't insert the same product in multiple groups.)

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