Attributes feature is used to create the extra field/question in the write a review form. You can give the option of filtering on reviews for the newly created field in (Checkbox & Radio Type only).

For Example:- You are creating an attribute of selecting a color, i.e. which color product the customer has bought. So when customers will fill out the write review form, they will ask for selecting a color also. And you can also show the color as a filter in the review section. 

  • Go to the app dashboard Reviews >> Attributes >> Click on "Add Attributes"

  • The attributes have three types - 1) Radio 2) Checkbox 3) Textbox
  • You need to add any short name of the question (will display in review) and Type of attribute and add a description/question which will show to the customer (will display in review form) on the frontend side.

  • For Radio or Checkbox attribute:- Create a number of options for customers to choose from when replying to the above question. 
  • You need to add value to the question & description (If any) and must click on add button.

  • Here you can customize the condition of showing the attributes to a specific product page. Select the product to which you want to show this extra question field, and click on "Add" button.
  • if you want to allow this attribute as a filter in reviews so click on the checkbox and save it.
  • For Textbox:- You only need to add the matching rules only. and click on the Save button.

  • The attributes will show on the front as below in the review form.

  • The filter option will show as below on the frontend. (Filter only works for Checkbox and Radio type)

  • The attribute will show in the submitted review as below:- 

(Notes:- Once you create the attribute on the app backend and the customer added the reviews by filling the other attributes too. so if you will delete attributes in the future so you can delete them from the app. But answers of attributes on reviews will show always be there.)

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