Wishlist Club Dashboard

==> On the Wishlist Club dashboard, you will get all the information like,

  1. Total Revenue -  Store Total revenue through Wishlist Club.
  2. Wishlist Page View - How many users visit the wishlist page as you create on the store.
  3. Total Item in Wishlist - Total number of Items add to wishlist.
  4. Total customers In Wishlist - Total customers list, who has wishlist the item in the store.
  5. Unique Products In Wishlist - Ex, User A add wishlist items X and Y, User B add wishlist Items Y and Z. so the item X and Z is a Unique product on the wishlist for the user.
  6. Cart from Wishlist - The total number of wishlist products goes on the cart page.
  7. Order from Wishlist - Total number of wishlist products placed an order.

==> How many Wishlist used in your store

==> Display Overall Top Ten Wishlist Products.

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