Create shipping profile for subscriptions

Note: When one-time purchases and subscriptions are in the same delivery profile, coming from the same location, shipping for one-time purchases is calculated with the subscription purchases. Subsequent subscription shipping rates are calculated separately. If you want to calculate subscription shipping completely separately from any one-time purchases, then you can configure a subscription-specific delivery profile. You can create a subscription-specific profile by associating a selling plan group (associated with the product) to a delivery profile using the shipping profile.

1. Go to the  "Shipping Profile" >> Click on the "Create ShippingProfile" button.

2.. Add profile name and select subscription plans to apply shopping profile rates. 

3.  Click on "Create Shipping Zones" to create rates for places you want to ship to. You need to add your Zone name, select countries, and then click on the "Save" button.

4. After creating the shipping zone click on the "Add Rate" button to create rates for the shipping zone. then add rate name and price with conditions and then click on the "Save" button. (You can create multiple rates in the shipping zone based on different conditions.

5. Output on the checkout page.

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