Setup Subscription based on "Customer Tag"

Using Customer Segment, you can assign the different frequencies of subscription plans to the different customers by adding "Customer Tag".

Suppose there are 2 types of customers in your store. 1. Customer (VIP) and 2. Non-login customer.

You want to set different frequencies for both customers for the same product. So you can create multiple frequency in subscription plans and assign tag from Customer Segment so specific frequency will display on the product page when customer login in your store with specific tag.

Suppose you add a tag "VIP" so that frequency will only show to the customer who login with same tag. It will not show to other customers of your store.

1. Go to the Settings >> Customer Segment

2. In the customer segment, the subscription plan will show frequency-wise. You can assign a custom tag for a specific frequency of the Subscription plan.

Click on the edit icon to assign the tag.

3. You can assign the specific frequency to Members of your store or Non-Member. 

Member Only (Login Customer):- Turn on the "Is Member-only?" and add the tag and save it.

Non-Member only (Non-login Customer):- Turn on the "Is Non-Member only?" and save it.

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