Swap product from customer portal or from app admin

Swap Product features allow customers to modify the products in the existing subscription orders. Suppose customer has buy A variants of product X in first order of subscription and they want to change the product with variant C so they can change the product using swap option in their customer account.
(Note:- Customer will able to swap/change product with the list of products which admin has set in the app backend side.)

Create Swap product from App Admin:- 

1. Go to the Settings >> click on the Create Swap Product

2. Select Source Variants & Destination Variants and click on the Save button.

Source Variants (Old Variants):-  Products that will be automatically swapped or replaced with new products.

Destination Variants (New Variants):- Products that will be replacing the old product.

Swap Product from Customer Portal:- 

1. Open My account page >> Click on "Manage Subscription" button.

2. When you click on the Manage Subscription button then it will show the list of all subscriptions. You need to click on "Manage Subscription" of the specific subscription ID for which you want to change/swap the product.

3. Click on the "Swap Product" option, it will show you a popup with available product lists. You need to click on the "Swap Now" button of the product which you want in next order.

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