How to install Rivyo App manually?

Step. 1 Add a file for review.

Please add the below code to theme before  </body>tag over.     
{% render 'th-product-review' %}

Step. 2 Add reviews to your product pages

To display the product review section, please add the below code at your product template or product section at any desired location

<div id="wc_review_section" class="wc_review_main_content" data-url="{{ shop.url }}" data-handle="{{ product.handle }}" data-product_id="{{ }}" data-limit="0"></div>

Step. 3 Display average star rating badge to your collection pages or the product page.

Copy the following code snippet to your clipboard: 

<div class="wc_product_review_badge" data-handle="{{ product.handle }}" data-product_id="{{ }}"></div>

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