How to import reviews from Aliexpress?

ly Import Unlimited AliExpress reviews back to your store through the below article Guidelines. 

Step-1. Go to Admin Panel --> Apps --> Rivyo Product Review.

Step-2. After going into the application, Go to the Import & Export --> Import & Export Review --> Import Aliexpress Review.

Step-3. You will see the below page. Now, 

First, Set the product title.

Secondly, select the same product from your store,

Then apply all necessary action as per your requirements.

* Rating: You can import reviews of specific ratings only.

* Content filters: Import reviews with text content, with pictures else with both.

* Translation settings: Check the checkbox if you want to translate all reviews from any other language to English.

* Approve all reviews: If you check the checkbox of "Approve all reviews" then all reviews will automatically approve and will be displayed on the front-end side. You do not need to verify each review one by one.

After all, procedures click on Import Review Button to import the selected products.

Go through this video about How to import reviews from aliexpress to Shopify with review app

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